The Team

Xanthe works alongside a lovely, small team of passionate flower enthusiasts. The
florists share our love of creating natural, deliciously fragrant bouquets and working closely with
customers to realise their vision.

“I must have flowers, always and always.” - Claude Monet

Xanthe Ivory - Owner

Having grown up in the beautiful Somerset countryside, Xanthe was always surrounded by stunning woodland, endless fields and the delicate blooms adorning country gardens. Forget-me-nots were the first flowers to truly capture Xanthe’s imagination, their vivid blue leaves nestling around a yellow heart providing a glimpse into nature’ s playful spirit. Pressing flowers picked from the garden became a favourite childhood pastime, one she fulfilled to competition winning standards!

Needing to pursue something vocational rather than the purely academic, Xanthe left university after two terms to follow the call of peonies, roses and their many companions, and trained as a florist. After stints working in Penzance, Exeter and Oxford, she laid down roots in Bristol and became a mainstay at the popular Tobacco Factory Market. It was there that she met chocolatier, Zara, and the two plotted to one day own a shop together that would bring the twin joys of beautiful blooms and heavenly chocolate to the fine folk of Southville.

Ivory Flowers and Zara’s Chocolates opened in November 2013 and both business are flourishing. Having a solid base meant that Xanthe could become fully immersed in the wonderful Southville community familiarising herself with the locals and sharing in the most emotional times of their lives - weddings, funerals, new babies and birthdays. Xanthe never tires of the task to provide a floral backdrop to life’s ups and downs. Each day brings new creative challenges and more familiar faces through the door of the shop as Xanthe relishes the task of enhancing someone’s day with stunning seasonal flowers. Whether it’s table arrangements and a bridal bouquet, or a delicate memory of someone very special, Xanthe approaches each task with zeal and passion.

Representing herself in a bouquet would result in a messy mix of massive roses, burgeoning peonies and rampaging honeysuckle - a wild and natural springtime feast to scare away the lingering shadow of winter.


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